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16 September, 2007

King Kresna, The Avatar of god Wisnu

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King Kresna was one of the important characters in Mahabharata story. Kresna was a wise, smart and very powerful man. His cakra weapon (an arrow with spiky wheel shape) was almost unbeatable so everyone was scared of his tremendous power. Kresna’s smartness and ability in governing and also his strategies and tactics in war were undoubted. Kresna’s ability in governing had been proven by the life and prosperity of the people of Dwaraka. His ability in strategies and tactics was also excellent; none would deny his ability in this field. As the proof, Kresna was the war advisor of Pandawa in Bharatayudha.

Kresna figure was one of the biggest icons in Bharatayudha war. His real involvement was more than just the coachman of Arjuna’s horse-cart; he was also friends as well as the spiritual teacher and war advisor of Pandawas. One of his most famous advices to Arjuna was Bhagawad Gita, an advice given to Arjuna by Kresna when hesitation to fight against his cousins (Kurawas) and other elders of Hastina appear in Arjuna’s heart. As the result of Kresna’s involvement in Bharatayudha and his unwillingness to stop the war, Kresna got the curse from Dewi Gandhari, the mother of Kurawas who is covered by immeasurable sadness because of the death of her whole children. The curse cause Kresna to see the extinction of his whole family, and at last he himself was dead killed by a wrong target hunter’s arrow.

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