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13 Agustus, 2007

Bhisma Dewabrata, The Man of his Own Words

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Bhisma Dewabrata was one of the important character in the story of Mahabharata wayang. Bhisma is the witness of hastina kingdom from Santanu till Kurawa-Pandawa era. he was a very wise, powerful, loyal and kindhearted man. The name of Bhisma itself has the meaning of “the one with terrible oath”. he was respected by both enemies and allies, even the gods respected him for his nobility, honesty and wisdom.

Bhisma was the son of King Santanu and Dewi Gangga and the future king of Hastina Kingdom. After the leave of Dewi Gangga, King Santanu became so sad and have no desire to live anymore. One day when the king was hunting in the forest, he was falling in love with Setyawati. Soon after falling in love with Setyawati, the king gained back his spirit to live again. But it didn’t last for long, when King Santanu asked Setyawati to marry, she gave him a very hard to fulfill request. She wanted her descendant to be the future king of Hastina while the position itself merited to Bhisma. The king was in a very difficult position, and his anxiety was sensed by Bhisma. Then Bhisma make a very awful oath, that he would give up the throne and not marry hence his descendant couldn’t claim back the throne in the future. And he also swore to plead his loyalty to the ruler of Hastina till his death. Therefore he is named as Bhisma that means ‘the man with terrible oath’

In Bharatayudha war on kurusetra, Bhisma was one of the most difficult to deal with enemies of pandawas. He could be only wounded by Srikandi because he was bound to the karma with Dewi Amba.

Right now we’re still working on translating the comic of mahabharata (the masterpiece of R.A.Kosasih) into english version thus people who don’t understand Indonesian could read and enjoy it too. We’re quite sure that story of Indonesian Wayang would be loved by people all around the world.

From Indonesia for The World ^-^v

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